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A Community Briefing Detailing the Dominant

National Security Threats Facing America

Co-Sponsored by ACT! Corona

The Corona Chapter of ACT! for America

Deborah Weiss - An attorney who is one of the foremost experts on Islam's coordinated assault on the freedom of speech in America and around the world buy the Organization of Islamic Cooperation through various UN bodies.

Erick Stackelbeck - CBN Correspondent, terrorism analyst and host of ''Stackelbeck on Terror'' has been covering Islamic radicalism around the world for more than a decade.

Nick Adams - Australian Politician dealing with the rise of Islamic supremacism in his home country, he has a special message for America, and it may not be what you think.

Text Box: The credible threat to our Free Speech from the OICís Islamic blasphemy laws
Local Law Enforcementís role in combating terrorism
3 Strategies to protect our communities now
Text Box: The new terrorist threat all communities face
The rising influence of the Muslim Brotherhood
Understanding political Islamís threat doctrine and the powerful weapon for subjugating America
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Security Briefing Speakers